Friday, 1 March 2013

Chinese logic - Kinai logika

Place: Guangzhou, in a hotel where you can take long distance bus to Hong Kong

- Hi, I saw there is a bus to Hong Kong. - say it in Chinese to receptionist.

- Yes- answer the young man and hands me the timetable.

- Where does the bus go in Hong Kong? - I ask

- To Hong Kong- I got the answer from the female receptionist

- I mean, where can I get off the bus? - I enquire

- Where you bought your ticket- the answer

- To where can I buy my ticket - asking again and I feel I start to loose my temper.

Instead of answering they looking at me like I if was speaking an alien language.

- Ok, Hong Kong is big. This place has a name (pointing to the Hotel), yes? - I said

-Yes, - agrees the two receptionist

-So, in Hong Kong what's the name of the places where the bus stops? - I ask.

- Oh, - they say it with a surprised voice. - It's says here on the paper. - he shows on the paper.

- Sorry, I can't read Chinese. Can you read it for me?

Even after 3 years in China and having local friends still don't understand why I cannot get an answer for a simple question like this. Or my logic is to complicated? Actually, why do I need to ask questions when everything is on the paper, isn't it?


Sumir Sharma said...

In India, it is called Pkana. Comedy is the best ingredient of life if one is a really jolly person. Great.

Sumir Sharma said...

Bea, If you happen to visit Haryana in India, you may get a better experience than this. You will be able to post a better joke.