Wednesday, 1 April 2009

3 het utan -after 3 weeks

  • Newly met friends usually ask the stereotype question. ... and how do you like China? When I say it is only 2 (or) 3 weeks, so I can't really tell, they insist that I must have at least an impression. Today I started to think about this question not only for the sake of giving an answer for the above question but to know it myself.
  • Today as walk through the narrow street which leads to underground station I remembered how I felt at the first time. I thought how dirty this place is, how small, how can people sell and buy cooked food here. My opinion didn't changed but, I guess I accepted it. I wouldn't buy food there nor today nor 1 year later. However, I saw the same faces everyday, I feel I know them and helps you to forget the surroundings. There is lady who seats there with her sawing machine and saw during the whole year. Seeing her everyday gives you the confidence to approach her. (She repaired my trousers and t-shirt for 3 Yuan which is 30 English pence approximately.) Would I live here? I don't know. It is so foreign, so far from everything I know. First of all, the Chinese language. I speak 3 languages fluently, but this one! It requires lot of time and devotion. Secondly, do I like smog and crowded cities? No.
  • Being white in this country means that people are watching you for different reasons. White is beautiful, especially if you have blond hair and blue eyes. When you enter in a shop at least 2 sales assistant wants to help you either you need help or not. In the supermarkets there are more employees than goods on the shelves. Almost. Today I counted 4 in every ails in a middle-size good brand supermarket.
  • There is something rare but wonderful in China beside all the negative. I like very much the fact that history lives together with the modern lifestyle. Even in huge cities you can find one or more old buildings among the modern new ones in the same street.
  • Will I miss China? ..... I'll tell you when I get home.

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